A Weekend in Upstate New York

This past weekend, D and I drove to upstate New York to visit friends Anna and Garrett. It took about 4.5 hours to drive up, the drive made especially nice because there are still a lot of colorful fall trees along the way.  We arrived on Friday and our first stop was a pretty awesome farmer’s market, called Frog Pond Farm. Lots of fruit and veggies at really great prices. Plus they had farm animals in pens and chickens running around in the aisles!

Desks in a Row at Frog Pond

Apple Baskets at the Farmer's Market

Frog Pond Farm Market

Chickens and Roosters


Later Friday we went to Anna and Garrett’s church for their youth game night. D and I helped with a make your own pizza station which was a lot of fun. The pizza kept us pretty busy so we didn’t get to play any games, but it was still fun. D and I might like to have a make your own pizza night at our church! Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture at the pizza making party…

Henry and Ruby

We spent Saturday making wedding favors (but I don’t want to tell everyone what they are, yet!), and visiting Henry and Ruby, Anna and Garrett’s goats. Anna also made a very tasty apple pie (which has inspired me to make one of my own, today). Here’s my favorite shot of the trip – when we were feeding some apple peels to Henry and Ruby:

Henry and Ruby and an Apple Peel

Sunday was spent going to church, a big old used furniture barn and back to Frog Pond Farm. Check out my haul:

Farmers Market Haul

How huge is that head of cauliflower?! I can’t wait to roast some up! A stop at the pumpkin patch and we were on our way back home!


I loved these funky pumpkins. Are they called heirloom pumpkins? I don’t even know. But I would have loved to buy them all. Now we’re back home waiting out Hurricane Sandy. So far there’s been some drizzle and LOTS of strong winds.

 And thanks again to Anna and Garrett for being excellent hosts! A most excellent weekend!

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