I Should Have Stayed on Vacation + July in Instagrams

Well, I’m batting 1,000. After a great vacation camping in Maine with friends I kind of wish I had just stayed up there! First, after dropping off my parents’ camper that they graciously let us use for the week (thanks Mom and Ron!) I realized when we got home that I’d left all of my nail polish in one of the storage cabinets. Yes, I am crazy and brought my plastic storage bin full of nail polish with me on vacation. I thought it would be a good activity for a rainy day, but we didn’t have any rainy days and I didn’t even take the box out of the storage compartment! Hopefully I’ll have all my little polishes back by the end of the week. What’s worse, though, is that when I got home and turned my laptop on yesterday morning, it had a big giant ugly crack in the upper corner of the screen which made a nice blackish-greenish design all over. :( So, I’ll be having some double trouble posting midweek manicures, but we’ll see how it goes. I won’t have my computer back for about 3 weeks, so it’s a good thing wordpress has an app (wish me luck)!

Otherwise a nice refreshing week off, I’ll try to share some pictures, and some yummy campfire recipes later this week or next week, but I thought I’d start this week off with a recap of the whirlwind that was July. It seems like so much happened. Birthday, engagement, new position at work, new diet (I need to lose weight for the wedding!):

Instagram Collage

New diet means I’ve been drinking a lot of spinach smoothies and I am loving them! Never thought I’d like spinach in my smoothies but if you add the right ingredients you don’t taste it at all. I also now have a new workspace at work to go along with my new position and I’m loving having a window in the office – although I don’t get to sit at my desk too often! (And check out my dinosaur of a computer). My garden is doing well and I’ve made some pesto dishes with basil from my herb garden. I think I might try some lemon thyme shortbread cookies soon…

The cupcakes maybe didn’t help my diet much, but to my credit I only allowed myself one bite of each, haha! D was happy to eat the rest. What a guy. The first part of July also included a lot of 4th of July activities, including a parade with my godson, and a July cookout with my family for which my mom and grandmother collaborated to make a cute watermelon shark! D also babysat the little man early in July while I went out with girlfriends for my birthday and I came home to them asleep on the couch- so cute. And the best things about July – fireworks over the pond in our neighborhood and the walking tour series I’ve been helping with all around the city, including in my favorite park!

Phew, I think that covers it!

Now let’s see how the rest of the week goes sans computer.

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