Midweek Manicure – Caviar Dreams

Red Caviar Manicure

How much did I love this manicure? Let me count the ways, on each little teeny weenie tiny bead. Ok, I won’t be doing that, but I did really love this mani experiment. Have any of you heard about the caviar manicures (see here) that are all the rage lately? (Is it weird that I just used the phrase “all the rage?”) Anyway, lots of people are loving it, including myself. I really wanted to re-create the look, but I’m too cheap frugal to spend $25 for the kit (available at Sephora). So, I found some crafting micro beads by Martha Stewart on

Add some polish and you got yourself a caviar kit in a bunch of different colors!

Caviar Manicure by MixedMethod

After a base coat, I painted on two coats of Orly Red Flare. When that was dry, I painted on a coat of Zoya Armor and then dumped some of the red beads on to the wet polish. I did this over a tray, and worked one nail at a time. Once the nail was coated with the red beads I pressed them down gently to make sure they stuck pretty well. After doing this to all nails, I painted a bit of my top coat just on the tips of each nails and across the top edge of the nail to seal everything in. I poured any of the beads that didn’t make it onto my nails back into the bead bottle for next time!

Red Caviar Mani

I wore these out for a bachelorette party and felt kind of like a rockstar the whole time. I think if I were to wear them to work, I might just do one accent nail-but full on was so fun!

Happy Wednesday!

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