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Inspiration Sunday – Wedding DIY Roundup

I feel like I might have a little bit of bridezilla in me. In the one whole week that I’ve been engaged, I have already scoured the interwebz and have a ton of ideas. I have even started a little sketch book of ideas about how I want the ceremony and reception to look. Yes, I am very excited and apparently very intense. It’s shaping up to be a DIY fiesta, and I have more than a year to plan. This is just going to snowball, I can feel it. But at any rate, in keeping with the I’M GETTING MARRIED?!?! theme, here are some awesome wedding DIY’s I’ve come across this week:

DIY burlap and feather boutonniere

Clay Table Numbers

Birdseed Wedding Favor Hearts

DIY Birdcage Veil

Chicken Wire + Window Escort Card Display

1./ Beautiful, Crafty and Eclectic Boutonnieres from Adventures in Dressmaking. 2./ Cute Polymer Clay Table Numbers from The Sweetest Occassion. 3./ Birdseed Favor Hearts from Intimate Weddings. 4./ DIY Birdcage Veil from the Wedding Chicks. 5./ A Sweet Chicken Wire and Window Escort Card Display from Oh Lovely Day.

I love that there are so many awesome blogs out there where I can find all this great wedding inspiration!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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