Midweek Manicure – Salon Effects

This week I tried out some Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail laquer strips. I found them at my local drugstore. It took me a long time to decide what pattern/print/color I wanted since there are SO many to choose from, but I finally decided on this cute flowery pattern, called Girl Flower.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Flowers

Full disclosure: I don’t love the nail strips. While they are definitely quick and easy to apply, and come in all colors and patterns, they didn’t last very long and left a sort of lip at the base of the nail which would snag in my hair sometimes. So weird. They are also a pain-in-the-you-know-what to get off and I’m not sure they were worth the price for me, since they didn’t stay on nearly as long as I thought they would. Ok, I’ve hated on the nail strips for long enough. They really are pretty effortless and quick, and you might have a completely different experience from me, so if you want something quick, fun and easy, try these!

Happy Wednesday!

6 thoughts on “Midweek Manicure – Salon Effects”

  1. I put these on my toes once and honestly, you cannot go wrong! If you’re looking for something with more pizazz on your toes for summer, try out these guys! I’ve also put them on my nails before, and loved them, They didn’t have the same effect with the hair pulling, but I could see how that might happen with longer nails.

  2. I feel your hatred!! :-). I had a couple snags from my nail polish strips too. I didn’t have any problem with removal though.
    Very cute design! I may have to try that one out.

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