Midweek Manicure – Bright Blue Stripes!

As  you’re checking out this week’s midweek manicure, I’m hopefully soakng up some rays on the beach in South Carolina! I am planning on sharing some photos of the trip for an upcoming post! For now, here’s and easy and fun mani:

Blue Stripes Nail Art

I used Essie Sand Tropez for a base color, and then painted stripes of Orly Blue Collar down the middle. Then I outlined both sides of each blue stripe with a white nail art polish by Milani.

Blue Stripes Mani

I’ve been trying to think of what kinds of nail art designs to do coming up. Any suggestions?

Happy Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “Midweek Manicure – Bright Blue Stripes!”

  1. Gorgeous and relaxing looking! Do you have any tips for painting straight lines? Apologies if you’ve covered this multiple times!

    1. I guess the best advice I can give is to make sure you steady your ‘painting hand’ on something, I tend to rest my pinky or side of my hand with the paintbrush in it on the table to steady it while I’m painting the stripe on the other hand. Also, practice makes perfect (and none of my lines are ever perfectly straight)!

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