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DIY Faceted Clay Bangles

I really love polymer clay. It’s so easy to create whatever you want, and if you mess up, you just squish it all back together and start over. I’ve been trying to find the time lately to make some more jewelry and I decided a new bright bangle would be quick and easy.

Polymer Clay Faceted Bangle

All you need is some polymer clay (I prefer Sculpey III), a razor blade, a bangle to use as a template, and an oven to bake the clay in (I use my toaster oven!).

First I rolled out the clay into a long rope. Once it was long enough, I wrapped the clay rope around an old silver bangle to make sure the size was just right. I cut the clay to size and then smoothed the ends together to get rid of the seam as much as possible.

Sizing the Bangle

Then, I ‘faceted’ the clay rope by slicing off pieces with a razor blade at different angles and lengths. I left the metal bangle on the inside of the clay for stability’s sake.

Faceting the clay bangle

(Sorry for the poor picture quality there…)

Once I was satisfied with how it looked, I removed the metal bangle and baked the clay in the oven (according to the directions on the package).

Blue Clay Bracelet

I made several different colors:

Faceted Clay Bangles

A fun way to start a colorful arm party!


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