Midweek Manicure – Stone Cold

Here’s the China Glaze Stone Cold from the Hunger Games series I was so excited about.

China Glaze Stone Cold

I think it’s kind of really awesome. I love that it’s matte, and goes on really smoothly. However, it chips like crazy which was really disappointing. I even used a matte topcoat in the hopes that that would keep it on longer, but it was chipping pretty badly by the next day. Ya win some, ya lose some I guess. I wonder if most matte polishes have this same issue…??? I think next time I’ll use it in a nail art design instead of alone, and see how that goes.

3 thoughts on “Midweek Manicure – Stone Cold”

    1. thanks! yeah it was disappointing, but I am now on a mission to try to put a stop to the chipping, or at least find a way to get it to stay on longer.

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