Extreme Dresser Makeover – Finally Finished!

After a ton of stripping and sanding, painting and touching up, my thrift store dresser is all dressed up!

Phew. It took a while but I really like how it came out. This is what she looked like before:

What a difference some paint and new hardware makes! We started out using a paint stripper on the drawers, but soon found that just using a palm sander seemed to work much better. I’d say the toughest and most time consuming (and my least favorite) part was just getting the old stain/lacquer off. D was the one to do a lot of the sanding, my hero.

When it came time to spray paint I put on a white primer coat, then decided I’d tape off parts of the drawers and the dresser itself to leave them white. I used Valspar spray paint in the color Smoke for the parts that I didn’t leave white. I got new hardware at the hardware store and after the paint dried D put them on for me. I think the new hardware really makes a world of difference. Such a nice change from what it started with.

What do you think? I’m really happy with it! Can’t wait to get it into my bedroom and put all my clothes away!

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