Quick and Easy No-Bake Easter Cookies

I first learned how to make these chocolate peanut butter and oatmeal no-bake cookies with my friend Anna when we were in grad school. They are super easy to make (because you don’t have to bake ’em!) and are very yummy. When Anna and her husband first taught me to make them, she told me that they are called “preacher cookies” because they’re so quick, when you see your preacher arrive unexpectedly in your driveway, you can have a whole batch of cookies ready before he makes it to the door!

A blog I follow recently posted a link to their recipe for the same kind of cookies, except their version goes by the much less attractive (imho) name of “gorilla poops.” Either way, same cookie, same great taste. Although I’ll continue to call them Preacher Cookies, thanks.

I made a batch of these cookies a few weeks ago, and got to thinkin’: I’ve seen a lot of bloggers doing these bird’s nest desserts for Easter in the last few days, and don’t these preacher cookies look like they’d make an excellent nest? Oh yeahhhhh.

Just make the cookies, (recipe here) then put three eggs in the center of each before they’ve cooled. I used Cadbury Mini Eggs but I know that there are M&M mini eggs out there too. Both would be excellent. One thing I will say is to follow the measurements closely. otherwise it’s very easy to end up with cookies that are goopy and won’t set properly, or that are too hard and fall apart at the slightest touch. Trust me.

Happy Easter!

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