Midweek Manicure – Easter Ideas

I have a really good idea in mind for an Easter themed manicure that I’ll share at the end of the week. But while I’m figuring out when I”m going to set aside time for that, here are some past manicures I’ve done that I think would be nice for Easter. :)

The picture quality is not great because they’re mostly cell phone camera shots, so bear with me.

A makeup sponge and two contrasting pink shades.

For this I used a light base coat then used my bundle monster stamp kit to stamp on flowers in a random pattern all over. I actually wore this for Easter last year.

I used a water marbling technique to do this. You can check out how to do it here. This would be really nice for Easter using several pastel polishes!

5 thoughts on “Midweek Manicure – Easter Ideas”

    1. Hi Teri,
      Thanks! I did that ombre manicure before I had the blog but I’m pretty sure I used Orly Swizzle Stick for the darker pink and Zoya Giselle for the lighter nude-ish color. I used a cosmetic sponge and dabbed the colors together where they met in the middle to create the ombre effect. I hope that helps!

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