Polka Dots

Life has been so busy lately. On top of trying to get everything all settled at the construction site that is our house, D had surgery on his right hand to relieve his carpal tunnel last week. The surgery went well, but I guess you never realize how many things you need BOTH hands for until you only have use of one. I’ve been doing a lot of chauffeuring, shoe-tying, food cutting, dressing, etc., etc. He even had me shave his face for him the other day. That’s trust!

As far as the house, lots of progress has been made. Cabinets and counter top have been installed, we got a new vanity and medicine cabinet for the bathroom, flooring, light fixtures, ceiling fan, this, that, and the other thing. Over the weekend I grouted the bathroom floor. I’m not crazy about grouting. It came out very nicely though. The kitchen is next at some point this week. When I can find the time.

I also have a presentation to give this coming Thursday as the culmination of a class I’ve been taking at a local historic preservation office. I’ve been really procrastinating (what else is new). I’m going to get the PowerPoint all squared away right after I finish this post…yup.

But for now: polka dot manicure!

I had ordered these dotting tools a few months ago from Amazon and I’ve been itching to use them. They’re really easy to use, plus I think they’re pretty.

See? Pretty.

After a top coat I used a brand called 10 Professional Nail Lacquer in the color Moonlight (a really inexpensive brand I’d never heard of that I found at CVS) as a base color. I used the pink Finger Paints color you see in the picture above for the dots. The label on the bottom came off so I’m not sure what the name of the color is.

I really like how they came out for my first time using a dotting tool. It’s a fun way to wear a very bright color without it being so…bright.


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