Bulletins and Bookmarks

Last Sunday my church celebrated its 125th anniversary with a special afternoon service followed by a silver tea collation. I’m on the committee that is in charge of planning all the special events for our 125th year, and it was fun to kick off the celebrations with a lovely service with lots of great music and political dignitaries and clergy from all over the state in attendance. I think my favorite part, though, was that my friend Melanie lent us her artistic talents and created a logo for the bookmark and bulletin that were used. It was a nice change from the norm and it was nice to have something all our own. She did a fantastic job.

(The back story with the two church steeples is that the church sold the original building about 4 years ago.)

You can check out more of Melanie’s art here.

Maybe someday she’ll make me a logo for my blog…hint hint :)

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