Three DIY Projects

Tomorrow marks three full weeks of staying with my parents after finding our new rental had some structural and septic issues. But, things are coming along over there, all the new framing is in for the bathroom and kitchen, and pretty soon we will be at the finishing touches stage. It has been nice staying with the fam, and being walking distance from work, but I miss our house with all my stuff. At this point my wardrobe options are really dwindling. And, since all of my ‘crafting stuff’ stayed back at the house and is not here, I haven’t been too crafty lately, which means less fodder for the blog. But, here are some fun DIY projects that I want to try out soon. Click the pictures for the tutorials!


A DIY orange face mask from Food + Words. There’s  a lot of other great stuff on her blog, too! Sounds like this mask would be great to soothe my dry winter skin.

Painted mason jars using hodge podge and food coloring! Clearly I need more mason jars in my life just because you can do so many crafty things with them. From The Crafty Scientist.

Is there such a thing as too many coasters? And chevron is all over the place lately. Love these coasters from Whollykao.

Happy Friday!


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