DIY feather extensions

Back in October I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. On the day-of, we all got our hair done and I thought it would be fun to get a feather extension put in. It was more expensive than I thought it would be, but I liked it. Kind of brought me back to my Native American roots I guess, haha. When the extension started to grow out, I thought about getting a few new ones put in but debated whether or not I wanted to pay $20 for what seemed to be a very easy thing to do. And wouldn’t you know it, a few weeks ago, thanks to Pinterest, I found this tutorial on how to do feather hair extensions yourself. All I needed was some fishing line, pliers (already had both of those things), silicone lined crimp beads, and a few feathers. I figured I could buy all the things I needed and save money in the long run because I’d be able to do as many as I wanted for as long as I wanted, for less than the cost of getting just one.

feather extension supplies

I found the feathers by shopping around on Etsy. I bought my feathers from a shop called Pluckin Gorgeous and received them in the mail very quickly. I could have purchased the crimp beads on Etsy as well, but found that I could get them cheaper through I’m also partial to Amazon because I can get a lot of stuff for free there through using Swagbucks. Have any of you ever heard of this site? I’ve begun using it more in the last year and love the concept because you can actually earn money surfing the web. When you sign up, you use the site to earn points – take surveys, watch videos, search the web, play games, etc. and earn ‘swagbucks’ or points. Once you have enough points, you can trade them in for all kinds of gift certificates and other merchandise. 450 points will get you a $5 Amazon e-gift certificate. In the last six months I’ve accumulated about $50 in gift certificates. It really helps to support my crafting habit! So, I really didn’t pay much out of pocket for this DIY project.

Following the steps outlined in the tutorial, both my friend Melanie and I ended up with pretty feathers in our hair. She has just one in, I layered three on top of each other before crimping the bead.

Melanie's feather

Kim's feather extensionPlease excuse the silly look on my face!

Have fun!

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