change of plans

What I thought would be a one-day bathroom-blitz has turned into a huge mess. Long story short, an attempt to pull up the floor and fix the toilet leak has resulted in the discovery of a backed-up septic pipe, shoddy plumbing throughout, rotted out framing members and a dangerous floating wall. Needless to say we won’t be staying at the house until it’s all fixed. Thankfully, we have a great landlord who has already gotten the ball rolling on sorting it all out. So, although I will be living out of a suitcase for the next week or more (probably more) I’m glad that we have a place to stay with people we love (we’ll be staying with my Grandmother and parents – didn’t I just write about how I don’t see them enough?).The silver lining is that we will soon have a brand new bathroom and part of the kitchen will have to be re-done too. I guess I jinxed it when a few weeks ago I complained to D about how I wished we could update the tile in the bathroom floor. my bad.

Here is how Radar was feeling about half way through the demo project yesterday. He’s resting his head on my Step-dad’s boot (he likes to rest his head on things…) I think we could all relate.

The bathroom snafu means we won’t be hosting a Superbowl party this year. However, I’ll still be making  just about everything I had planned on making, just in a different kitchen for different people to enjoy.

Last night I tested out the dried strawberries recipe. Epic fail. Instead of sweet chewy candy-like fruity goodness I ended up with half dried mushy super sweet strawberry lumps. I’m not sure if it was the oven, the recipe, or the bad luck that has been following me around lately. I followed the recipe exactly (I mean, it was so easy how could you screw it up?!), but somehow they just didn’t come out right, even after leaving them in the oven for an extra hour. They were so abysmal that I’m not going to include photos. I even referenced a few other recipes to see if there was something else I should do which just confused me more. Some recipes said to cook them at higher temperatures, some said lower, some said leave them in overnight, others said 5 hours, some said prop the door open with a wooden spoon or some other implement, some said nothing at all about having the door open.  All this means is that I’m now determined to get it right, so stay tuned for the day when I find a way to get it right! I’ll use the results of attempt #1 as a dessert topping, or maybe in cereal in the morning. They taste fine they’re just not quite right.

In the meantime, the bacon-wrapped chicken bites just went in the oven, the no-bake cake truffles are setting up in the fridge and I’m about to start the pizza rolls. Finger’s crossed!

Also, in an effort to make the crappy day I had yesterday worthwhile, I gave myself a patriot’s themed manicure:

I hope everyone who is watching enjoys the Superbowl – the game, the commercials, and the food! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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