Newsy Nails

newsy nails

what you’ll need:

what you'll need

Rubbing alcohol or alcohol swabs, old newspaper page, cotton swabs, scissors, nail polish. I used China Glaze Strong Adhesion base coat, Essie Sand Tropez and Zoya’s Armor top coat.

First you’ll need to cut up an old newspaper article into 10 pieces, one for each nail.

cut out 10 small pieces of newspaper

Once you’ve painted your base coat and color coat onto your nails (you’ll want to choose a light color so that the text will show up), make sure you let your nails dry completely before you begin transferring the newspaper text onto your nails.

When you’re ready to transfer the text, you can do one of two things: soak the text square with the rubbing alcohol using a q-tip, like so:

soak the text-square in alcohol

or, you can take an alcohol swab or a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and rub it onto the nail, just make sure either surface is well-soaked! I tried both ways and they both seemed to work fine, so it just depends on personal preference.

Press the square onto your nail:

press text-square onto nail

Repeat 9 times, add a top coat, use cotton swabs and polish remover for any needed clean-up, and there you have it!

finished product - newspaper nails

 These are fun and really simple! You could even try using the funny pages :)

…every time I paint my nails during a Patriots game they win, I guess I’ll be doing a new manicure during the Superbowl!

3 thoughts on “Newsy Nails”

  1. That’s really different! I like how they came out, simple but unique at the same time. Thanks for sharing ktone :)

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