Cool Snowy Beach

So when I mentioned in the first post that I’d maybe include some posts in this blog about everyday life ‘stuff’ I was being a little facetious. But we had such a nice snowy day today, how could I not share?

After strawberry vanilla pancakes (flavored with my own home-made vanilla extract – a post on that in the future), Dennis and I – and by that I mean mostly Dennis – did some shoveling while Radar played in the snow in the back yard.


With him I think it’s less “run around and play” and more “stand around…stoically.”

Cool Snowy Beach

Then we headed down to the beach. I’m amused by the simplest things.

Radar ice fishing

Dennis on the pond

After examining some old ice fishing holes and finally getting some run-and-play-time in, we went back home and I  warmed up with some hot chocolate and my zebra-print snuggy (possibly my most favorite possession at this point).

Today was also day 10 of the Amish Friendship Bread recipe that has been making the rounds in my family and among my friends. This is the second batch I’ve made in the last few weeks. For the first batch I used the basic recipe and tried out a banana nut version. Delish. Today I made the basic recipe and threw in a handful of craisins and a few extra dashes of that home-made vanilla extract. Now I have to find 4 more people to give starters away to. Any takers?

friendship bread with craisins

…I couldn’t resist. It’s crispy and crunchy on the top (I sprinkled a cinnamon-sugar mixture on top prior to baking, per the recipe), and fluffy and moist on the inside. YUM!

All in all a pretty lovely snowed-in day.

So, cheers to the first real post! I have a nail art tutorial on tap for tomorrow – very exciting! :)

4 thoughts on “Cool Snowy Beach”

  1. Hey – long time no see. Good to see you on the Inter-webs! I hope you are doing well. I also love the look of the new blog, and look forward to reading. I love living vicariously through others.

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